2018/ 12/ 20 blog 村上春樹訳の「The Catcher in the Rye 」を借りてしみじみ思う
2018/ 12/ 15 blog Rolleiflex 75mm F3.5 + Fujifilm Pro400で森に入って撮影
2018/ 12/ 13 blog Rolleiflex 75mm F3.5 + Fujifilm Pro400で海の側に立つ像をスナップ
2018/ 12/ 11 blog Bronica SQ-Ai + TRI X400で曲がった松をモノクロスナップ
2018/ 12/ 09 blog Bronica SQ-Ai + Across 100で海を撮ってた6年前
Being, Teganuma

Being, Teganuma

Teganuma is a place where I hold profound memories of sharing time with my family.
In my childhood; I used to go fishing, had lunch, row a boat, and played until the sunset.

Teganuma is a pond in northern part of Chiba Prefecture in Japan.
For a long time, she has suffered from heavy pollution.
However in recent years, she has shown some improvements.
Once in a while, she shows her grac ....

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Being, Oku-Nikko

Being, Oku-Nikko

Oku-Nikko is popular sightseeing spot and a national park in Japan. Like many other, I went there on a school excursion in my grade school days.

In Oku-Nikko, there is Lake Chuzenji, the highest lake above the sea level in Japan, at north of the lake lies Mount Nantai, and at northwest of the lake spreads a wide marshland called Senjyo-ga-hara. Kegon no Taki are 97m high waterfalls located in Otani River, a stream f ....

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I am Kazuaki Nozawa

I was born in 1974 in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture in Japan.
I am a photographer taking photographs of sceneries and portraits under the theme of “Kizuna” a feeling of attachment, as a main theme. I love both taking and appreciating photographs, and I feel joy in doing so. I believe it is a gift sent from God.


In my student days, one of my friends brought his camera to the class to take photos for a yearbook. I had a chance to get hold of his camera and peep through a finder. I was flabbergasted. The vague scenery turned to take clear shape with the adjustment of the focus. I was excited by the experience. I soon bought a SLR camera of my own. I only had 50mm lens in f1.4. At that time, I thought it was a great combo that enables me to take everything with it. Even peeping the finder was a sheer joy. I started to take photographs of the people beside me, the neighborhood, and a nearby pond called Teganuma where I used to go fishing and played in my childhood with my family.

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Thank you for visit to my web site very much.
Please feel free to contact me when the impression of the my work and taking a photograph is requested.

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